Are Pokie Machines Rigged?

January 22, 2020

Let’s put it this way, these machines are designed to make money for their owners, not their players. What this means is that it’ll try to take in more money than it pays out. So spending your entire day on one machine to increase your chances of winning won’t work. Are pokie machines rigged?

Sort of, but really understanding how pokie machines work will save you a world of heart ache and coins down the road. It takes off the ignorance off your eyes. Heres how they work.

● First, jackpots are calculated based on thousands and often millions of spins. It’s practically impossible to complete that many spins in a single day, regardless of how determined you many be. The most educated way to play is to hope your machine hasn’t delivered any wins in a long time. But because you’re not a casino owner, you can’t know this, ever. All you can hope for is luck. There’s no easy mathematical formula you can apply.

● All those “you’ve almost won impressions” you get are just there to keep you playing. To nudge you towards playing longer and spending more money. It doesn’t actually mean you’re close, its a sales technique.

Think of Pokie machines like you would lottery tickets and it’ll make a lot more sense. Millions of lottery tickets are scattered across the country. Someone who buys 1 million tickets has a similar shot as someone who buys their very first ticket.

● Free spins are where pokie machines really get people. Once you’ve played a certain number of times, you get a “free spin”, like a mini win for playing. Like the “you’re almost there” message you get after every loss, free spins are offers designed to keep you engrossed in the game. False wins (get 40 cents back on every $1 you spend), also do the same thing.

What you should understand conclusively is that pokie machines are designed to take in more money than they give out. Once you recognise this, you’ll be able to differentiate between gambling for fun, and gambling as a problem. Visit our website https://pokiesportal.com/ for more details.

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