E10 Education Key to Delivering Benefits for Motorists

January 6, 2020

Many motorists are opting for expensive premium fuels unaware that E10 is compatible with their car, the Biofuels Association of Australia said today.

Chief Executive Officer, Mark Sutton, said E10 delivers many of the benefits of premium fuels without the premium price.

“We accept that there has been a spike in premium fuels, however we believe what is driving that trend is complex,” Mr Sutton said.

“The spike in premium fuel consumption has broadly tracked lower oil and fuel prices.

“E10 delivers a good bang for the buck, but many motorists are not aware that this is a modern fuel which they can use in their car.”

Mr Sutton said there was an urgent need for a major education campaign on the benefits of biofuels.

The Queensland Government has already launched a major education campaign prior to the introduction of a biofuels mandate on January 1, 2017.

“The research that underpinned that campaign shows many people were unaware about the benefits of biofuels,” Mr Sutton said.

“E10 is a higher grade fuel which delivers value for money, reduces carbon emissions and helps lower pollution.

“More than 200,000 motorists in Queensland have already checked online whether their car is compatible with E10.

“The vast majority of the current fleet is compatible and it is important that motorists get the facts.

“Australia ULP 91 contains high levels of sulphur – a cancer-causing chemical – which is well above international standards.

“If Australia followed suit and phased out high sulphur ULP 91, E10 would actually be classed as a premium fuel – without the price tag.

“NSW will soon roll-out its own education campaign and we believe that will drive more people to E10,” Mr Sutton said.

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