May 31, 2015, 12:10 am
Ethanol around the World PDF Print E-mail

CImage_12Globally, ethanol makes up only a small percentage of transport fuel – about two percent – but total consumption in 2008 was more than 65,000 million litres (ML) and that figure is growing very quickly. The International Energy Agency predicts that biofuels have the capacity to displace 5.4% of the world’s gasoline just by 2013. Global fuel ethanol sales are growing much faster than petrol sales.

Blends vary from as little as 5% (E5) to 100% pure ethanol, but the most common blends are E10, E22, and E85. In the major markets of Brazil and the United States where ethanol is an important part of the fuel mix, consumption is growing by 10–20% per year.

The European Commission aims to replace 10% of its transport fuels with renewable fuels like ethanol by 2020. The Nordic countries are at the forefront of this, with Sweden for example aiming to be completely free of fossil fuels by 2020.

The US has mandated 164 billion litres per year of ethanol in petrol blends by 2022.

Canada is aiming for 45% of the country’s gasoline consumption to contain 10% ethanol by 2010.

India has a national biofuels policy of 20% of its fuels by 2017, including mandatory targets of 20%.

The Philippines have mandated a 10% ethanol mix in gasoline since 2007.