May 26, 2015, 7:13 am
Funding Available Now for Clean Energy Projects
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 13:23

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is now open for business and receiving proposals from organisations seeking funding for investment-ready renewable energy technology, low emissions technology and energy efficiency projects.

The CEFC has released its Investment Policies, detailing its approach and criteria for its investments. This follows the release last month of the Investment Mandate which set out the Government's expectations around CEFC's investment approach and overall corporate performance.

These are all available on the CEFC website at

The CEFC's mission is to accelerate Australia's transformation towards a more competitive economy in a carbon constrained world, by acting as a catalyst to increase private sector investment in the clean energy sector.

The CEFC is actively engaged in discussions with investment proponents to build its investment pipeline. These discussions are being progressed with a view to contracting investments in coming months, ready to be funded by CEFC when its funds become available from 1 July.

Projects eligible for CEFC finance include those involving the implementation of renewable energy, energy efficiency or low emissions technologies.

The CEFC makes its investment decisions independently, based on rigorous commercial assessments. The CEFC's financing platform and broad mandate means that it can provide finance flexibly and operate co-operatively with all those involved in the clean energy and energy efficiency sector, including manufacturers.

Finance for eligible projects can be developed under specific financial terms and conditions dependent on the project itself. Proponents are expected to have private sector co-finance to demonstrate that any proposal they would like CEFC to consider has private sector appeal.

The CEFC's preferred minimum investment size for renewable technology projects is $20 million. It has only limited ability to process a volume of small individual project transactions and also needs to limit transaction costs, meet performance benchmarks and achieve self-sufficiency. The CEFC is in train establishing relationships with finance partners to assist with smaller transactions where necessary and where no solution is available we will seek one.

For smaller scale transactions in energy efficiency and in the low emissions technologies segments of the market, the CEFC is following the path established by

Low Carbon Australia, which is now fully integrated into the CEFC. As such, the preferred approach is through pooled financing and partnership strategies which leverage the larger market reach of financial intermediaries such as commercial banks and fund managers. Some of the facilities established by Low Carbon Australia are being expanded in scale and breadth of facilities and some further facilities are being developed with new partners.

Special focus is being given to public sector entities who are seeking energy efficiency solutions given rising energy operating costs and tight budget controls.

Projects seeking CEFC finance of greater than $20 million must comply with Australian Industry Participation Plans (AIPP) policy.

The CEFC is not a grants organisation and is taking investment proposals and considering them on their merits at any time, on a continuous basis.

The CEFC website provides full guidance on CEFC investment considerations at

Applications must be made through the secure website.