Australian Council of Trade Unions

November 30, 2021

Australian Council of Trade Unions

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is the peak national body for Australia’s trade unions. It was formed in 1927 and its primary role is to improve the economic and social conditions of working people.

The ACTU aims to achieve these objectives by promoting industrial harmony, protecting workers’ rights, improving productivity, and communicating with members, employers, government bodies, and other organizations involved in industrial relations. Its activities include:

I. Representing Unions on Industry and National Workplace Matters

The ACTU represents the interests of trade unions on wider industry issues, such as employment and productivity with government bodies, employer groups, and other stakeholders involved in industrial relations. The ACTU also works with employer associations to promote best practices at the workplace level.

II. Promoting Social and Economic Justice for Working Australians

The ACTU lobbies the Australian Government to introduce laws that improve social justice and promote economic growth, such as paid maternity leave, superannuation increases, and education reforms. The ACTU also has a role in promoting understanding of workplace relations issues across unions, government, and other stakeholders through publications, research, and seminars.

III. Supporting the Union Membership on an Individual Level

The ACTU provides information and advice on workplace rights as set out in award conditions, as well as legal and industrial disputes. It also offers a range of training, education, and employment programs to help minorities, Indigenous Australians, and those with disadvantages. The ACTU’s self-funded Worker Justice program assists workers with legal, fair employment, and industrial disputes.

IV. Providing Career Advice to Individuals in the Workplace

The ACTU offers training programs in workplace rights, bargaining skills, and leadership for unions officials. It provides career advice through the Skills Formation Unit that is involved in training courses for union leaders.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is the peak national body that has many roles such as representing unions on industry and workplace matters, promoting social justice for workers, and supporting members on an individual level. Visit us at https://www.australianunions.org.au/

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